Sunday, January 16, 2011

"HeartsBlood" by Carolyn McCray (@craftycmc)

This review is particularly exciting for me.  First, I get to review an awesome novel...more on that in a moment. Second, I get to tell you about the Blog Tour de Force that it's a part of.  Finally, I get to tell you where to go to enter to win a free KINDLE, loaded with copies of twelve books!!  Talk about feeding your reading addiction (seriously, I should be put in jail or something). #sorryguys #notreally

So, back to HeartsBlood, which is the first of twelve books on the Blog Tour de Force (that you totally need to go check out, just in case you didn't get that).  This book is the BOMB!  And yes, I am aware of how uncool I sound right now.  Guess what?  Don't care.  This book is worth getting ridiculous about.  Seriously.

Okay, ostensibly this is a paranormal romance, but for the sake of my masculinity, I will hereafter refer to it as an urban fantasy.  Which it totally is, by the way, with the exception of some really steamy scenes, which could also totally be found in urban fantasy, right?  Totally.  I dunno... am I trying to hard here?  One too many totally's?  Thing is, I'm raving about this novel here, but I'm still raving about it on the inside, too.  Which is hard to do when you're a guy and you're talking about a ROMANCE for cryin' out loud.

This novel messed me up.  It took over my life.  In invaded my brain.  Ooo, I'll one up that.  It invaded my heart.  How's that for cheesy?  But this novel totally isn't.  It's thrilling, compelling, surprising.  The characters are real, the action is grab-you-by-the-seat-of-your-pants and the plot is tight as the proverbial drum.  And the world that McCray creates is so vibrant that you'll find yourself buying into the whole mythology of it... sort of like Star Wars and the Force.  So, go to McCray's blog, right NOW and leave a comment to win a free e-book. 

While you're at it, if you didn't do it earlier, go to the Blog Tour de Force page and check out all the amazing authors coming over the course of the next 12 days.  You'll thank me.  I mean it. :)

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