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We love our reviewers and want to share a bit about them with you!

          Jesi Lea Ryan aka @Jesilea
YNTR Manager

Image of Jesi Lea Ryan  

Jesi Lea Ryan was born and raised in the Mississippi River town of Dubuque, Iowa. She graduated from Loras College with degrees in Creative Writing and Literature, and is now working on her MBA. She currently lives with her husband in Madison, Wisconsin. In addition to her debut novel, Four Thousand Miles, she has published several short stories and maintains a book blog at diaryofabibliophile-jesilea.blogspot.com.

...Okay.  That was my bio off of Amazon.  Kinda stuffy, right?  Well, here is all you need to know about me...I'm a cat person, I've never met a vampire I didn't like, and I read around two hundred books a year.  I'll consider most genres for review, but my time is tight, so patience is appreciated.

Lindsey Anderson aka @Hildasmom
Blog Coordinator

Hola- I am a obsessed reader who LIVES to read... unfortunately, I work a day job as I have to to pay for wretched select cult for 3 darling children. Someday it would be fantastic to make my obsessive hobby a job...working on it. Some even say I read so much, I tend to ignore them (Fire Husband - St. Todd aka NON READER).  If you have a book to share, let me know. I welcome new authors who just want to test the waters...enjoy:)

Izzy Evans aka @IzzyEvans279

My name is Izzy. I am eighteen, and I attend night school to catch up on my credits. I love writing, reading and crime shows. ;D  I live in Chicago, but want to move back to Tennessee, where I lived for most of my childhood. I also hope to study anthropology in college.  My favorite books to read are fantasy, sci-fi, action, adventure, romance...Veronica Roth, Kim Harrington, Iris Johanson [^^"], James Patterson, Nora Roberts, Kelley Armstrong, Cassandra Clare, etc.

Miranda Lynn aka @MyEclecticBook

She loves reading all kinds, but especially any type of romance, thriller/suspense/mystery, and Paranormal. She is a SAHM to two wonderful boys, military wife and owner of the My Eclectic Bookshelf blog. Her ideal day would be when the maid comes in to do her cleaning magic (yup this is her dream day all, so don't laugh) a pot full of coffee all day long and the ability to escape reality into all the books that await her on her bookshelf and Nookshelf. Catch her on twitter, simply look up @MyEclecticBook and find her chatting away on her Facebook Fan Page.

Shari Broyer aka @shariannegaylee
Author/Editor for Hire

Shari Broyer is a writer, editor for hire, facilitator of her own writers group, mother of two and grandmother of two (yes, she’s old enough!). She was born on the shore of Lake Erie, Ohio and now resides in Mesa, Arizona. She loves to read and will read anything as long as it captivates her. Shari is the author of Ether Man, a brand new release (Kindle format) on Amazon.com. Ether Man (“Not your normal paranormal!”) is her first novel, but some of her poems and short stories have been traditionally published, and she has won several awards for her writing. You can read more about her at sharibroyerbooks.weebly.com.

Tawdra Kandle aka @Tawdra
Blog Editor

Tawdra Kandle is a writer, editor, wife, homeschooling mom of four and mother-in-law of one.  She was born in South Jersey and currently lives in central Florida with her family and menagerie of pets (cats, dog and turtle). She reads just about anything except sci-fi or economics books.  Tawdra is the author of The King Series; the first two books, Fearless and Breathless, are available in paperback and as ebooks. And yes, she has purple hair. You can learn more about her and her books at tawdrakandle.com.