Sunday, April 24, 2011

Water For Elephants Review and Giveaway

With the movie just released I decided it was time for me to read Water For Elephants. I have had it sitting on my shelf for a while and a friend has been suggesting it since before christmas. So this last week I took a break from my review TBR pile to read just for me. This was the one that screamed to me the most and I am glad it did.

I normally include the book synopsis on my reviews, but with the movie trailers out and so many people having talked about it I decided against it this time. I want to share my thoughts on the book and the reason I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I will be honest I didn't read any reviews before I started the book. I take suggestions, and looked to see it's star review but didn't want any spoilers before I read it and have noticed lately that reviews are getting filled with spoilers more often. (note to reviewers, please reveal if your review has spoilers before someone gets half way through it :) )

Now to the book. I loved this book, because of the deeper aspect of the story. this wasn't a cheesy romance or a steam filled paranormal or even an edge of your seat thriller. This was a great story that just happened to have a heart wrenching romance built into it. Think the Notebook and you will have the idea of the style of the story.

You have Jacob who at 90 or maybe it's 93 years old finds himself not the same as he was at 21. A Circus opening up near his home takes him back in time to when he ran away with the Circus. This is not a glitz and glamor story, the author really delves into the gore and brutality of the circumstances Jacob gets into. I loved this story for that reason and the detail that the author brings to the page. I could envision this story completely and it provided a wonderful escape for me.

I loved the characters that Jacob encounters, the people that help him and even those that didn't. The animals, the relationships, the scenery, it is all painted so vividly that you expect to look up from the book and see it right in front of you. I now feel I am ready to see the movie, though I expect to be a bit disappointed. I have yet to see a movie based on a book I have read that has met my expectations.

Now I want to share this book with someone who hasn't read it. I am going to give away my copy of Water For Elephants! That's right, you can get it for FREE. Now all you have to do is 1. Be a GFC Follower and 2. leave a comment. Remember to include your email address so I can contact you if you win.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blackbirds in The Attic

Blackbirds in The Attic

Sounds like a great book title doesn’t it, Or maybe a poem or short story, maybe even a sequel to Hitchcock’s infamous horror flick “The Birds”. Well it’s none of those, I mean this literally. I have blackbirds in my attic. Yup. As I sit here trying to relax and read my latest from my just for me TBR pile I can hear incessant scratching and noises in my ceiling. Hubs isn’t home, won’t be till tomorrow and the animals and I are going nuts from this sound. Music and TV won’t drown it out and I can’t focus on my book. So I track the sound around my ceiling, banging on it, thinking hey maybe I’ll scare it into shutting up..nope doesn’t work. I want to pull my hair out at this point and then I hear a crash, scratch scratch from our little closet that houses our breaker box. (the ceiling in this closet is only covered by insulation from the attic)

My heart starts racing and I am trying to decide if I have the guts to open the closet and find out exactly what the hell is in there…nope…double check…ear up to the door…still nope. So I call Hubs…me: there is something in the closet, it fell through the ceiling  Hubs: then open the closet and find out Me: Are you crazy??? Hubs: get the maglite and a broom and open it up Me: umm HELL NO. 

The whole time I am having this conversation the cat is sniffing and rubbing the closet. Now this would be simple, open door, let the cat at it…one downfall. The can has NO FRONT CLAWS…she will be of no help. Back to my conversation Hubs: go next door and get the neighbor then Me: good idea, I’ll call you back.

From there I put on Hubs house shoes (cause I don’t want to get MINE wet) walk across the yard, knock on neighbors door and after explaining myself and him chuckling a bit, he follows me back to brave the monster in the closet. I arm him with the maglite, step back and climb up on my chair. (I know, like that was gonna save me from the monster) He opens the door, looks in, says ahh ok and closes it…I’m confused and ask so what is it. Female black bird he says. Well, hell I say how am I gonna get that out. So he asks for a towel and I find the biggest one I have, He opens the door throws the towel on the bird AND MISSES…yep at this point I have a bird flying around my living room. I fly to open the back door, screen door and porch door, come back in armed with the shop broom to find my wonderful neighbor has the bird pinned against the window with the towe. *Light bulb goes off* (use your imagination people) I can open the screen on the window, so I open the window, pull up the screen and we throw the bird out. Crisis averted…hail to the neighbor!

Now my reading time has been screwed, I flinch at every sound and pray that the birds don’t get back in before hubs can get home tomorrow to plug up all holes and replace screens in the attic vents. Hopefully I can calm down and get back to reading this wonderful book so that I may share it with all my wonderful readers.

I may just have to sit down and write a poem, today’s excitement seems to be perfect inspiration to do so…LOL

Until next time folks, enjoy your reading!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Tour de Force Cage Match

It's that time again another Blog Tour de Force Event.....


The wonderful BK Walker has made an amazing trailer to celebrate this event, enjoy it, then remember to stop by each author blog each day, leave a comment to get your free book and then leave another original comment for the one you want to win.

GO NOW! and spread the word!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is Your Need To Read?

So how would YOU define Your Need To Read? What makes reading a necessity to each of us. For me reading is my escape from reality, and that is actually my tag line on MyEclecticBookshelf. Take the time to escape reality, take the time to read. If I didn’t read, then I would have probably been admitted to the funny farm years ago. It’s my relaxation, it’s my way of finding new realms, it gets my brain working and thinking. I can release emotions and frustrations. Hubs and kidlets all know that if Momma has her Nook or a book in her hands unless you are broken, bleeding to death or puking up a lung then you leave me alone…#iamserious  

Yes I am a Stay at home Mom, yes I am a military wife. Many of you sit there and scoff, well what kind of stress does she have, what frustrations does she deal with. She can sit around all day, eat bon bons and watch soap operas. Well I admit I do sit around a lot but a phone is usually glued to my ear, calling the electrician, setting up dr’s appts, dealing with bills that are wrong, making hair appts for the fam, etc. Bon bons..well if I ever find out how to make them at home cheap I may pop one in my mouth every now and then. Each day is full of things to do, I may not hop in my car and drive to an office to work, but I still work. The only difference is I don’t get a weekly paycheck. But my hubs does appreciate all I do and once in a while I might get paid in books :)

So my escape from all this is reading. That is what this blog is all about, Reading, Books, Authors, and hopefully in the near future some giveaways…yes I want to give YOU guys stuff!!

But first I want to know what does reading mean to you? How would you define Your Need to Read?

And I am feeling generous, I will pick one commenter at random (who answers the questions) to receive a free e-book if we make it over 10 comments! So go spread the word.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Introducing the Newest YNTR Member

Hello all, I hope this day finds you reading a good book, sharing it with a friend and already thinking about your next read. I want to introduce myself, my name is Miranda and I am joining the wonderful ranks here at Your Need To Read. I think this fits me well as sometimes my need to read outweighs many other needs. If I am into a book, don’t want to put it down, I will skip meals, stay up way later than normal (i.e. 2am or later) and even pop a movie in so kids will be quiet just so I can finish it. Heck even as I type this my fingers are itching to pick up my Nook and continue on with the current book I am reading. But I promised to sit down and get this little intro post done, so I am.

I love almost all types of writing; though have a special love and affinity for romance, paranormal and thrillers. Which I have read a lot of good ones lately. I will be sharing some of them with you over the upcoming weeks. I have so much planned, you just need to sit back and enjoy the ride. I am also always looking for new authors and books to read, so share with me your current favorite! That is the first challenge to our wonderful followers, leave me a comment, say Hi and share your current favorite book.

Now a bit more about myself, I have two kids, which you will see me refer to as my #kidlets on Twitter, oh want to find me there (MyEclecticBook), I am married to a wonderful man who has devoted his life to this country (20 years of service in the Army so far) and am learning to love cooking. You will find that I hate chores, cleaning, laundry, pretty much anything in the house. Shoo me outdoors and that changes. I love outdoors, my herb garden, my veggie garden, just getting my hands in the dirt. I also love movies and shows, I truly enjoy sitting with the Hubs after the kidlets go to bed and watching #grownuptv. (while I chat on Twitter of course) We are currently watching a marathon of Axmen on the History Channel. Yes I can multitask and yes I am also addicted to Twitter #Iadmitit.

So for now, I think I will sign off, settle in for another episode and give in the itch to pick my Nook back up. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on books with you in the future and bringing some very exciting posts, interviews, and giveaways to you. So go follow me on Twitter, follow YourNeedToReed, and tell all your friends about us!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"A Walk in the Snark" by @Rachelinthe OC

Once more, I demonstrate how comfortable I am in my masculinity by reviewing a chick book.  And yes, I am completely aware of how terribly oxymoronic (emphasis on the "moronic" part) that last statement was.  I'm also aware of the fact that oxymoronic is not, technically speaking, a word.  It is a coinage.  My thanks to Shakespeare and the flexibility of the English tongue.

For those of you who don't know, @RachelintheOC has a Twitter stream and a blog that attempts to codify the interactions of men and women in a sharp, sassy, and somewhat underhanded way.  She mixes sarcasm, wit and sentiment with abandon (and very little regard to proportion) and comes away with something airy, perceptive, funny, and even at times quite touching.

The one thing that it is consistently is entertaining.  There is truly never a dull moment in this wonderful collection of writings and rantings from the self-styled Queen of Snark.  And you would never for a moment guess that the author of these bon-mots was a redhead.  Never.  Ever.  :)

In addition to the fact that this is just pure fun, A Walk in the Snark is the next offering from Bestseller for a Day.  As you can see, if you've been following these guys, they truly are bringing you the best of what indie books has to offer.  And @RachelintheOC's turn is coming up here on April 6th.  So, for one day only, you can pick up this wonderful combination of caffeinated vodka for only $.99.  You can get A Walk in the Snark here.