Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blackbirds in The Attic

Blackbirds in The Attic

Sounds like a great book title doesn’t it, Or maybe a poem or short story, maybe even a sequel to Hitchcock’s infamous horror flick “The Birds”. Well it’s none of those, I mean this literally. I have blackbirds in my attic. Yup. As I sit here trying to relax and read my latest from my just for me TBR pile I can hear incessant scratching and noises in my ceiling. Hubs isn’t home, won’t be till tomorrow and the animals and I are going nuts from this sound. Music and TV won’t drown it out and I can’t focus on my book. So I track the sound around my ceiling, banging on it, thinking hey maybe I’ll scare it into shutting up..nope doesn’t work. I want to pull my hair out at this point and then I hear a crash, scratch scratch from our little closet that houses our breaker box. (the ceiling in this closet is only covered by insulation from the attic)

My heart starts racing and I am trying to decide if I have the guts to open the closet and find out exactly what the hell is in there…nope…double check…ear up to the door…still nope. So I call Hubs…me: there is something in the closet, it fell through the ceiling  Hubs: then open the closet and find out Me: Are you crazy??? Hubs: get the maglite and a broom and open it up Me: umm HELL NO. 

The whole time I am having this conversation the cat is sniffing and rubbing the closet. Now this would be simple, open door, let the cat at it…one downfall. The can has NO FRONT CLAWS…she will be of no help. Back to my conversation Hubs: go next door and get the neighbor then Me: good idea, I’ll call you back.

From there I put on Hubs house shoes (cause I don’t want to get MINE wet) walk across the yard, knock on neighbors door and after explaining myself and him chuckling a bit, he follows me back to brave the monster in the closet. I arm him with the maglite, step back and climb up on my chair. (I know, like that was gonna save me from the monster) He opens the door, looks in, says ahh ok and closes it…I’m confused and ask so what is it. Female black bird he says. Well, hell I say how am I gonna get that out. So he asks for a towel and I find the biggest one I have, He opens the door throws the towel on the bird AND MISSES…yep at this point I have a bird flying around my living room. I fly to open the back door, screen door and porch door, come back in armed with the shop broom to find my wonderful neighbor has the bird pinned against the window with the towe. *Light bulb goes off* (use your imagination people) I can open the screen on the window, so I open the window, pull up the screen and we throw the bird out. Crisis averted…hail to the neighbor!

Now my reading time has been screwed, I flinch at every sound and pray that the birds don’t get back in before hubs can get home tomorrow to plug up all holes and replace screens in the attic vents. Hopefully I can calm down and get back to reading this wonderful book so that I may share it with all my wonderful readers.

I may just have to sit down and write a poem, today’s excitement seems to be perfect inspiration to do so…LOL

Until next time folks, enjoy your reading!


  1. Too funny. Murphy's Law: If there's trouble to be had, it will wait until your husband is out of town. Guaranteed. Happens to me almost every time mine leaves. :-)

    Glad you got the bird out!

  2. Thank you for making me laugh this morning! I needed it! Happy to "meet" you and look forward to following you here!

  3. Kendall and Pam ~ thanks for stopping by and am glad you enjoyed it. We all need a good laugh, now that it's a day past, I can laugh along with you guys. It is a rather hilarious tale. :)

  4. Funny, but I understand your flinching at every unusual sound. I do it, too. Since the break-in at my house I think someone is always trying to break in. I have an alarm system but I jump at weird sounds.