Sunday, April 24, 2011

Water For Elephants Review and Giveaway

With the movie just released I decided it was time for me to read Water For Elephants. I have had it sitting on my shelf for a while and a friend has been suggesting it since before christmas. So this last week I took a break from my review TBR pile to read just for me. This was the one that screamed to me the most and I am glad it did.

I normally include the book synopsis on my reviews, but with the movie trailers out and so many people having talked about it I decided against it this time. I want to share my thoughts on the book and the reason I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I will be honest I didn't read any reviews before I started the book. I take suggestions, and looked to see it's star review but didn't want any spoilers before I read it and have noticed lately that reviews are getting filled with spoilers more often. (note to reviewers, please reveal if your review has spoilers before someone gets half way through it :) )

Now to the book. I loved this book, because of the deeper aspect of the story. this wasn't a cheesy romance or a steam filled paranormal or even an edge of your seat thriller. This was a great story that just happened to have a heart wrenching romance built into it. Think the Notebook and you will have the idea of the style of the story.

You have Jacob who at 90 or maybe it's 93 years old finds himself not the same as he was at 21. A Circus opening up near his home takes him back in time to when he ran away with the Circus. This is not a glitz and glamor story, the author really delves into the gore and brutality of the circumstances Jacob gets into. I loved this story for that reason and the detail that the author brings to the page. I could envision this story completely and it provided a wonderful escape for me.

I loved the characters that Jacob encounters, the people that help him and even those that didn't. The animals, the relationships, the scenery, it is all painted so vividly that you expect to look up from the book and see it right in front of you. I now feel I am ready to see the movie, though I expect to be a bit disappointed. I have yet to see a movie based on a book I have read that has met my expectations.

Now I want to share this book with someone who hasn't read it. I am going to give away my copy of Water For Elephants! That's right, you can get it for FREE. Now all you have to do is 1. Be a GFC Follower and 2. leave a comment. Remember to include your email address so I can contact you if you win.


  1. Would love to win this book! My mom said it's one of her top 5 books ever.
    I follow the blog.

  2. I am a follower! I also have a giveaway over at my blog so check it out!

  3. thank you for the giveaway! I would love to have a copy of this book :)

  4. Would love to win it. Am a GFC follower

    megan @Reading away the days

  5. Don't enter me in the contest but I loved this book. I loved the research Sara Gruen did about circus trains. I loved how she set it up between the present and the past. It was so fascinating. I was hooked from the first chapter and never realized how she hooked me. I haven't seen the movie yet but I hope it doesn't disappoint. Most movies do. One movie/book that doesn't is The Maltese Falcon by Dashell Hammett.

  6. I thought they did a good job with the movie. It's not exactly the book but it follows it very well.