Author Spotlight

Our Author Spotlight this week is on Jeane Westin.

Tell us about yourself, Jeane:

When I was a child, my family seemed to be steeped in the love of historical lore.

I heard stories of my ancestors, the Dutch ship captain who eloped with a young French woman to settle in New York and Maryland. Another, who fought in the Revolutionary war at Valley Forge…but fortunately for him, in the summer.

My one grandfather told me stories of his Virginia grandfather, a Confederate cavalryman and showed me his sword with a once gilt tassel hanging from the hilt. My other grandfather recited a story of his grandfather who joined the Union army and lost a best friend, who fought for the south. For the rest of their lives, they passed in their little town on the opposite sides of the street and never spoke.

It’s clear to me now that I was meant to be a reader and writer of historical novels from a very early age. My mother took me to the library when I was six to get my library card and to choose my first book. The one that most caught my attention was The Little Cave Boy and Girl, the first of a series about children through history. From that beginning, I continued to read historical non-fiction and fiction all my life, always fascinated by every aspect of earlier times. (Don’t tell anyone, but I took books on my honeymoon and I can remember my husband’s puzzlement when he saw me reading The History of Diseases. “It’s interesting,” I explained…difficult for a bridegroom to believe. He’s since seen me read many similar books without surprise.)

About the book:

In the court of Elizabeth I, the daughter of the Queen's powerful spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham, becomes a secret agent and plays a dangerous role in saving her country from its ruthless enemies and her queen from, Mary, Queen of Scots.  Denied by her father of any opportunity to prove herself, she wins the trust of her father's decoders and begins her secret work, thrilled with the freedom to test her talents. 

But her peril is compounded as her beauty and wit also attract the romantic attentions of two men: the reckless Earl of Essex, the queen's favorite, and her own lowborn servant, Robert Pauley.  

Jeane, how can we find your books and keep up with you?

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