Sunday, October 14, 2012

Maryann Miller: Excerpt from Open Season

I am so thrilled to be here on Your Need to Read. When I first found this website I thought the title was so appropriate for those of us who are immersed in books. We do NEED to read, and those of us who are also writers NEED to write. Reading is more than just a casual pastime. It is something we do to feed our intellect and our soul. I am bereft if I do not have a book to read.  Some people joke about reading cereal boxes or catsup bottles, but avid readers are reduced to that if we do not have a book handy.

Since everyone who visits here is also an avid reader, I know you are always looking for a new book to read. I hope you will consider Open Season. Here is a quick introduction to Sarah, one of the central characters. Enjoy….

Turning on the hot water tap until it ran steamy, Sarah grabbed a jar of instant coffee from the windowsill and leveled a teaspoon into the cup on the yellow Formica counter. Then she held the cup under the running water, watching the coffee foam to the top.

She owned a coffeepot for the occasions when she had company, especially those of the morning-after variety. But since those moments were rare, she relied on instant gratification. It worked until the real thing came along.

A plaintive meow drew her attention, and Sarah looked down to see the kitten regarding her with unblinking, amber eyes. “You hungry, Cat?” She scooped him up and set him on the counter next to her coffee. He sniffed the cup and turned away with a sneeze.

“What? Coffee not your drink of choice?”

He cocked his head and watched her pour milk into a bowl, then delicately started lapping at it, giving himself a little white mustache. “Maybe I should sign you up for commercials. Then you could make me rich.”

He ignored her.

Sarah took another sip of coffee, then leaned one hip against the counter and opened the paper, pulling the Metro section out. She preferred to start reading at the front page, but rarely had the luxury of enough time to indulge that preference. A glance through Metro, however, sometimes turned up interesting tidbits of information relevant to an investigation.

Once, a veiled reference to a prominent surgeon seen at a Dallas nightspot with a redhead who wasn’t his wife had given Sarah the grounds to vigorously pursue her inclination that he wasn’t entirely innocent in the tragic demise of said wife.

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