Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Play Fling" by Amber Scott (@amberscottbooks)

It's Valentine's Day.  So, you men out there, you gotta give me a lot of leeway today, cause we're going a bit... well... girly today.  But trust me, it's all REALLY good stuff.

Okay, I'm reviewing a romantic comedy (with a paranormal twist) today.  I may lose all my masculine street cred.  'Sokay, though, because a) this novel's worth a read regardless of your gender, and 2) this book's a part of something incredible that you all need to know about.

First off, this is an indie book.  Just the chutzpah necessary to put your marketing muscle behind your own literary creation is impressive.  There is a movement right now in indie books that looks to be every bit as powerful as the one that swept through the film industry a decade or so ago.  That was a movement that changed the way that people looked at films and the filmmaking industry.  It became clear that we as a viewing public care more about watching a good film than where that film comes from.  Same goes for books.  Do most of us really know (or care) which publishing house puts out a novel?  We just want to read a gripping tale.

And Amber Scott's got that.  Her story of Brooke and Elliot is... well, at risk of losing even more street cred... delightful.  These characters lift this above a typical bodice ripper.  Plus, the added element of a paranormal twist makes it a little bit easier for a guy like me to not feel like I now have to start wearing pink.  I'm telling you, guys... taking a walk on the feminine side is eye-opening.  This book is helping me up my game.  At least my wife says so.  Not totally sure that counts, though...

Anyway, Amber Scott is the first indie author to participate in the Indie Book Collective's latest brainchild, Bestseller for a Day.  Don't know about the Indie Book Collective?  Find out more by checking out their Twitter stream (@IndieBookIBC) and their website.  Anyway, the IBC is selecting great novels with authors that are hardworking self-marketers and taking one day to try to drive them as high as possible up the Kindle bestseller lists.  The idea is to try to break into the Kindle top 100, but hey, whatever they can do is great for the indie authors.  What the readers get is great books, awesome give-aways and a chance to be involved in something incredible.

So join in today by going and purchasing the e-version of Play Fling on for only $.99!!  One buck and you get not only Play Fling, but by going to you can also get Amber's erotic thriller Love Lust and Carolyn McCray's Indian Moon FREE!  You're getting three awesome romantic and sexy novels for just a dollar.  #score!

It's a great novel for Valentine's Day, but you're also doing something for indie authors everywhere.  This is something that's already started making the publishing industry sit up and start to take notice.  So, do it for the novels, do it for the authors, do it for indie books... whatever.  Just go and do it! ;)

You can purchase Amber Scott's Play Fling here.  Also, for the other offers, make sure you check out

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