Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog Tour De Force Masquerade Day 1

Hello lovelies! I am so excited, today is the kick off for the week of Masquerade. 12 Authors over 6 days blogging about their books, doing special giveaways, giving away copies of their book and the ultimate prize...a KINDLE...yup. Want all the details then head to the main site HERE.

Today's Authors are Amber Scott and Maxwell Cynn. I admit I have not read anything by Maxwell yet, but I am a die hard Amber Scott fan...she is HOT..teehee. Both Authors are giving away a free copy of their book to each commenter so make sure to click each book cover below to be taken to their site so you can read up  and leave a comment. I have already stopped by both and can't wait to get the books. I know I will have to whole up for at least a week after this event so I can read them all.

Stay tuned to the blog, tomorrow we will be reviewing one of the two Authors that are up tomorrow. Want to stay in the loop each day? then head over and sign up for the newsletter so that you get notice each day where to stop and comment for your free book!

Till tomorrow~~


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