Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why are British Accents so Dang Hot??? By Guest Blogger and Author Spotlight Jan Fischer Wade

Okay, I’ll be the first one to admit it. If I hear a guy with a British accent, something inside me just melts, Ahhhh. This was part of the reason I sent the heroine in my new book, Veiled Virtues, to England. And connecting that accent to a handsome, muscular hero – a modern day knight – well, let’s just say OMG!

Some will point out that there are numerous “British” accents, and that is fine. I love ‘em all – Scottish, Cockney, Welsh, Brummie – whatever! [Side Note: Even the IT guys my company use in Northern Ireland can turn a computer problem into a wonderful afternoon telephone chat.] But, I think what I am probably most referring to is that upper class English accent – think Colin Firth in ‘Pride and Prejudice’. He kept us all swooning, right?

This list of sexy Brits (with their yummy accents) can go on and on - Jude Law, Robert Pattinson, Daniel Radcliffe (its okay people, he’s of-age now), Orlando Bloom, Hugh Grant, Ewan McGregor, Paul Bettany…

Even the movies have caught on to this phenomenon.  In “Love Actually” the slightly bug-eyed and awkward young Englishman Colin Frizzle strikes out with girls left and right on his home turf of London. Determined that he is a Love God simply “on the wrong continent,” he takes his self-admitted “cute English accent” and travels to the United States to find a girlfriend with the realization that “Stateside I am Prince William without the weird family.”  Next, he’s “on shag highway heading west.”  Colin lands in Wisconsin, has a taxi take him to the nearest bar, orders a Budweiser, and finds not one, but three girls who fawn over him and his accent.  Needless to say, he returns to London, with an American girlfriend in tow. If you haven’t seen “Love Actually” – do it now! I love, love, love this movie!  Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, and a whole host of others star in this movie. Rowan Atkinson’s bit is particularly funny!

Now, I have to tell you that one study found that the British accent has dramatically dropped in its ‘sexiness’ but I have to disagree. Although, I will agree with their ranking of Irish and Australian accents – very hot too!

So, what is it about the accent?  Does it indicate chivalry? Money? Manners? Alluring stranger from another country – a bit exotic yet safe?

Or, like so many things, did it all start with the Beatles?

We may never be able to pinpoint the ‘why’ but regardless, if you swoon at an English accent, are lured to English men for any other reason, or the thought of a strong, hot, modern day knight sets your insides aglow, check out Veiled Virtues!


  1. Love Actually is one of my favourites movies!

  2. I giggled all the way through this post! Being English myself, and married to an Englishman (!), I don't quite get the hype over all English accents but give me Colin Firth's Mr Darcy any day! I must admit to a fondness for the Ozzie accent... and I do actually quite like listening to American speak too!
    Let's face it... it's just men, full stop!
    Suzy Turner
    Author of The Raven Saga

  3. I'm about to do a blog post about British accents myself. Yes, yes, YES! they are delicious. I am a huge Beatles fan too. I'm also a writer, so I'm glad I stumbled across your blog. Will have to check out your book sounds like a wonderful blend of creepy and romantic.
    Thought I'd tell you about this other website I just came across...because you can commission your own spoken mp3s with a British accent! I ordered one, had him read the first three paragraphs of my YA novel (which I'm still polishing) and it was so good it gave me chills. Who needs to finish writing when I can just listen to this? As John Lennon says in A Hard Day's Night (the movie) "I could listen to 'em for hours". Sigh, so true!