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The Amazing Lacey Weatherford

Today we welcome the wonderful Lacey Weatherford to the blog. I handed the reins over to her and told her to be creative and post whatever comes to her. I have to say I enjoyed what she came up with, I hope you do too! Lacey is here with us as her book
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The Allure of the Bad Boy

Guest post by Lacey Weatherford
Author of YA Paranormal Romance series
Of Witches and Warlocks
You're hurrying through a large, dimly lit parking lot with your best girlfriend, anxious to get through the gates of the latest local festival that's going on.  You're excited for all the music, shopping, tasting, games, and cultural ambience you will find inside.
You run your fingers through your tresses before looking down at what you're wearing to make sure you're projecting just the right look for the night, but as you glance back up your eyes catch something that makes you stop right in your tracks.
A man.  A drop dead gorgeous man.
Oh, you've seen handsome men before, even flirted with and dated a few of them, but this guy, well, something about him sets your teeth on edge like no one before.
Your BFF suddenly realizes you have quit moving and she turns to follow your gaze, determined to see what has you so interested and soon she is frozen beside you.
You watch as "Mr. Leather" climbs off his massive motorcycle, standing to reveal his enormous six foot two inch height.  He lifts his arms to remove his helmet which causes that leather jacket he's wearing to stretch tightly over his very broad shoulders, and you're vaguely aware of the twin sighs escaping the mouths of you and your friend.
Removing the helmet only serves to reveal further perfection.  That dark, dark hair that's just a bit too long and shaggy falls around his tan face.  He lifts an arm to run a hand carelessly through it, and he turns abruptly, as if suddenly realizing he has an audience.  This reveals the slightly scruffy five o'clock shadow on his jaw and the low light catches a hint of what looks to be heavily lashed, piercing blue eyes.
He turns back to secure his helmet to the bike before turning to walk in your direction, and that's when you and your friend realize that you're standing there gawking with your mouths open, and not one plausible excuse in the world can be caught in your feeble brain at that moment.  So you continue to stare, fumbling idiotically for words as he approaches your position.
"Evening ladies," he says easily, in a low, sexy, baritone voice, his mouth slightly turning up at one corner as those mischievous eyes travel the length of your entire body, from head to toe, leaving a trail of burning goose bumps in their wake as if he had actually stroked you with his fingers.
You hear him chuckle slightly as he walks past you, leaving you to stare after his oh-so-luscious back side in those perfectly worn jeans, the hint of his cool scent wafting into the air behind him and you realize that you have just fallen prey to "The Bad Boy."
What is this wonderful phenomenon and why does it happen?  Well, in my life experiences and research for my writing I've discovered there are at least three "for sure" characteristics that almost always attract a woman to the bad boy type. 
Number one, of course, is the looks.  The guy in my scenario was of the tall, dark, and handsome variety, but I've run across a few golden gods in my lifetime as well.  There's usually something in the visual aspect which "speaks" toward someone who's a rebel, or not afraid to bend the rules a bit.  In this case we had the slightly unkempt hair, the need for a shave, wearing leather, which is often construed as being more daring, and riding a motorcycle.  This leads to a captivating first impression and to wondering what's underneath all of that.  Are those strapping muscle hidden by those clothes as delicious looking when they are bare?  Are they golden and tan as well, or perhaps sporting a tattoo here or there?  The mind of a woman can quickly be thrown into overdrive pondering on such wonderful attributes.
Second is all about attitude.  Bad boys positively ooze confidence, which only adds to their extreme sex appeal.  They tend to have a slight cockiness about them, a kind of "Yeah, I know I'm good looking.  What about it?" thing going on.  But there's also a certain suaveness about them too.  This was evident with how our bad boy greeted the ladies politely while skimming over their bodies in a very sensual, not-so-polite way, drawing them even further into his web.  He's sending them a mixed message, which makes them completely curious, because what woman in her right mind wouldn't want to explore more about a look like that?  That leads me to the next characteristic.
Number three is all about secrets.  Bad boys almost always look like they have some sort of hidden side or agenda to them just waiting for a good woman to find it and reveal it.  Whether it be a tortured past, a down-on-his-luck present, or the fact that he looks like he could teach you things you never knew before, there's always something a little mysterious about him.  I find that women tend to be attracted to that sort of thing because they are natural nurturers.  It perks their interest and their desire to be helpful, and if that means one must indulge in a few hot make out scenes to ferret out those enigmatic souls, well then so be it!  Ah, the things we do for our craft!
Whether or not you agree with my personal assessments, or even if you have your own list of criteria, one thing is certain.  The bad boy is one of the most amazing, wonderful, swoon-worthy creatures to ever come into existence.  And while they may often leave a trail of broken hearts crumbling in their wake behind them, lucky is the woman who manages to catch one and firmly embed herself into his heart because he will possess her with a passion that will bring her to her knees.  We should all be so lucky!
You're leaning up against a tree, sipping a cool drink while you watch your BFF swaying to the beat of the local band when you suddenly feel someone move up beside you.  You turn and find yourself staring into those glorious, sparkling, bedroom eyes of Mr. Parking-Lot.
"Hey.  How'd you like to get a drink with me later?" he asks, giving you the seductive once over again before returning to settle on your lips that are still wrapped around your straw.
Suddenly you’re very grateful for the tree at your back because your knees don't seem to be working properly.  You open your mouth to respond, trying to remember the words in the English language so you can reply.
"Sure, if you think you're man enough to handle me," you say brazenly and you notice the heat that flares instantly into his eyes.
He leans in closer to you, placing a hand over your head on the tree and dipping his face in toward your ear.
"Well, I guess there's only one way we'll find that out for sure," he whispers into your hair before moving in even closer to…………
Ha ha! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!
How do you like your bad boy?

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