Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Best Seller For A Day

Woohoo! It's here, Best Seller for a Day...yup. Now I admit I have already reviewed this month's book, but it's ok. I can still let you all know about it. Plus Ann sat down and answered a few questions, which I am excited to share with you!

First off this month's Novel is Nearly Departed in Deadwood by the awesome Ann Charles.
You can find my review HERE

1.       Your main character, Violet, is anything but shrinking. What else can you tell us about her?
Violet is a hoot! From the first moment I stepped inside her head and stared down Old Man Harvey’s double-barrel shotgun, I knew I’d found a heroine I would love sharing headspace with for years to come. I love her wit, her sense of humor, the way she can laugh at herself when crap is really raining down on her, her lusty and bold appetite for men, and her acceptance that she’s not the best mother in the world, but she keeps trying anyway.
What I had hoped to create in a character when I started writing Violet’s story was someone readers would enjoy hanging out with in real life. The kind of character that is more genuine—she struggles with her weight, has stretch marks, has this crazy hair she can barely control, and cusses and howls at the moon when the situation calls for it. She’s not a first-rate sleuth, but she cares about people and allows that caring to draw her into places where she does things she’d normally avoid like the plague. 

2.       What is your ideal romantic hero like?
He loves to cook and he’s great at it. He also is willing to clean the toilet and shower/tub, do the laundry, and go grocery shopping. Oh, and he likes his women short, curvy, and full of spunk. Handsome with sexy forearms is a definite plus! He’s nice to kids and pets, he’s intelligent but doesn’t show off, and he is willing to give a woman the space she needs to grow and thrive.

3.       Speaking of romantic heroes, what can you tell us about Doc, Deadwood’s newest arrival?
Well, I’d love to tell you all kinds of fun details about Doc, but he refuses to spill—even to me. Seriously. When I write scenes with him in them, I have to work at getting him to share much. He’s extremely closed mouth about his history and his feelings. I curse him often. Not even hard liquor pries open his lips—and believe me, I’ve tried to use it many times and wound up passed out on the floor of my office.

4.       Do you feel like you have anything in common with Violet, and if so, what?
We both have two kids, rely on a sarcasm-laced inner monologue as a source of humor, and love men who are tall, dark, and handsome. We also both screw up a lot in life and have learned to laugh at ourselves whenever possible.

And there you have it...So now take the time to run over and grab your own copy for only 99cents..head to Amazon now! Then head over to the Best Seller For A Day website to enter for you chance to win a Brand New Kindle.

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  1. I agree, Miranda. I read this book in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. I wasn't even done with the first chapter before I got the second book! Bring on book 3!