Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: 'One Stiletto in the Grave' by Jason Krumbine

So, I have been reading a lot. Just finished Wally Lamb's book," The Hour I First Believed." If you haven't read this..beware--not an upper. I would review this fantastic, well written book...but I am depressed enough.

In my state of despair I came along Jason Krumbine's,"One Stiletto in the Grave." Jason is on my twitter list, which I still am completely clueless how Twitter works, but it's apparently legal to stalk Mike Rowe via Twitter....hmmm....wait...BACK TO ME!

Jason posted that this particular book was free that day...Free?? Because thanks to Xmas I need free. How in the hell can I keep my 5 book a week habit up during this hideous time??

Hallllo!! Great cover!

This book is the first in (hopefully) a long series. Avery and Brooke Graves are reapers and sisters--think of bounty hunters for the dead. They deliver the dead where they got to go and pick up their paycheck at the end. Avery is the stable, organized sister, and Brooke has a frat boy mentality who happens to be built like a supermodel. Now, some of you may say (especially you Martha Stewart & PTA wanna be's) that Brooke is trashy and needs to put some time in with Sr. Joanne for some serious repentance...whatever.

I had friends like Brooke--in fact, I still have one. She has simmered down since our college age days but whoa Nellie!  She could make a biker blush. Double standard to think that boys who behave like this are just young and silly, while girls are slutty with low self esteems.... AAAK...sounding like Jesus..aka my soapbox.

The girls get in trouble with some bad guys- CAN'T SAY ANYMORE.....howeverrrrr.. Avery has a ER Doc boyfriend who I find boring and sedate. There is another reaper that hopefully will be more of a distraction in the future. Brooke does have a ex-boyfriend who seems a little creepy...crawl out of your skin type. For those 80's kids, remember Herb Tarlic from WKRP?? That is who I think of when I think of this gentleman.  She also has a very out of control sex drive and manages to spend time with this creeper (shout out to my teens..look at Mom usin the lingo!).  This book is fun, dialogue is sharp. Both characters and storyline are original. Like J.A Konrath, I have to constantly remind myself a MAN wrote this.

So to you book snobs--you know who you are (especially that group who booted me out 10 yrs ago for asking the innocent question, " Christ...does every book we read have to describe a English garden for 100 pages? Shoot me now.") lighten up. There are fun books that are also well written, so give it a whirl.

*Reviewed by Lindsey


  1. I love the comment about describing an English garden! I am an author and find myself skipping over elaborate descriptions and trying to get back to the story! So I try not to do that and have been criticized for my books being too rushed:) Maybe but at least no one can say they are boring xx

  2. Thank you for was YEARS ago..early 20's...horrid group of gals that were probably 25 to 30 yrs older...they had it more togther and were very intelligent. Unfortunately, I was not a wine all. Considering the company I was keeping I thought I would give it a whirl.
    These ladies were Vegans on top of everything else...celery as my main course did not help my LOUD opinion...:) They were a bore anyways! :)