Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Author Spotlight with Andrea Janes

Good morning! I want to welcome our newest Author Spotlight Author to the page,Andrea Janes!! Remember to hit the Author Spotlight page to learn a little more about her. Here is a bit more about the stories you will find in her book Boroughs of The Dead!

A few highlights of the stories you’ll find inside BOROUGHS OF THE DEAD: 

A Fitting Tribute is a supernatural horror story with a pulpy, Gothic feel in which a beautiful and selfish young woman avenges herself on her meddling spinster aunt. It is very loosely based on the story of Charlotte Canda, a Victorian-era debutante who lived in New York City.

A Fish Story is a cosmic underwater freak-out in which Herman Melville the writer of popular seafaring adventure novels dies and is reborn as the magnificent experimental wordsmith of Mardi and Moby-Dick. A true weird tale, set mostly in New York Bay. 

Nethermead is another weird tale with a doppleganger element, in which a woman gets lost while wandering in Prospect Park and stumbles upon herself.

The End takes place at a Montauk bed-and-breakfast that seems mundane at first but proves to be very dangerous to any writers who stay there. A zombie story with a twist.

Morning All Day was inspired by Jan Bartell Bryant’s memoir Spindrift: Spray from a Psychic Sea. Her accounts of the hauntings in her home at 14 West 10th Street are peppered with hints that she may not have been an entirely reliable witness, to say the least. Was Bryant mentally unstable or was the house really haunted? We’ll never know: she died a month after she finished her manuscript.

In Morbus a thief from the Five Points ransacks a wealthy financier’s mansion only to leave the job unfinished when he is seized with a sudden attack of cholera, courtesy of Morbus, demon of sickness, who delightedly narrates the thief’s agonizing death over the course of the night.

All these and more can be found lurking in the darkness of the BOROUGHS OF THE DEAD.

Sound interesting to you? Then go grab a copy for yourself. 
We want to know, which story sounds most interesting to you? Leave us a comment, we love chatting with our followers!


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  1. Most enjoyable reading. Great style and very captivating.