Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Who's planning to go to the midnight showing of BREAKING DAWN?

I can't contain my inner-fourteen year old anymore.  Only 48 more hours before we get to see Edward break that headboard. SQUEEEEE!!!!! 

Okay, so who's going to the midnight showing?  I'm actually planning to go twice.  On Thursday night, I'm meeting a couple of friends to take in the midnight show.  I had a big group go with me to Eclipse, but this time, many of my friends begged off because of work Friday morning.  Come on!  I know we're 35 years old, but when did we loose our ability to party like rock stars and still be able to drag our butts into the office at 8:00?  Two hours of looking at a thirty foot tall Robert Pattinson (or Taylor Lautner, if you prefer)--HELLO?  I think it's worth missing half of a night's sleep.  

Then, on Saturday, a big group of friends and I are getting together for dinner and lots of drinks before going to the Saturday night showing.  I love seeing movies like this in groups, because I like talking about the show afterwards with people who have seen it.  And even if the movie is bad (which will NOT be the case with Breaking Dawn) we can make fun out of it.    (We had loads a laughs after seeing Sex & the City 2, and not the kind the director intended.)

I have to admit though, I'm a little less excited about Breaking Dawn than I was for the last couple of movies.  I think it's due to the giant lag time since Eclipse.  Seventeen months is a long time to expect your audience to wait.  Are any of you having the same issue?  Honestly, if it weren't for my unhealthy obsession with Robert Pattinson, I might have lost interest by now.  

So how about all of you?  Are you planning to see the movie this weekend?  Have you seen the movies in the past and now lost interest in the whole Twilight thing?  I'd love to hear your comments!  


  1. Not me. I enjoyed the books though. I would consider THE HUNGER GAMES though. I'm pretty obsessed w/ that whole series. Great trailer.

  2. The Hunger Games looks great! Although I'm not sold yet on Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. I was picturing Peeta more like Hunter Parrish. I think I'll have to actually see the movie before Josh will grow on me.

  3. I won't be at the opening, like all the others I'll wait till it comes out on DVD. I have enjoyed the books more than the movies, though do have to admit they did stay pretty damn close to the story line with this series. I would love to hear what people think of it though.