Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lindsey's review of STIRRED by J.A. Konrath & Blake Couch (A Jack Daniels novel)

So Mr. Konrath has teamed up once again with Mr. Crouch for another of my divine Jack Daniels books...

Now, first of all let me explain my devotion to Jack Daniel's books...I preorder all..I get giddy when they show up on my Precious (aka kindle)...I drop whatever I am reading when these books show up.

I read this in one day....I am not familiar with Blake Crouch's serial murder books. I read a preface regarding how book would work. There was references throughout book to click on. There would be a summary of who character first I thought..."OH GAWD..this sounds like effort...".

It ended up to be the coolest tool in an ebook yet! Crouch's bad guys were going after my Jack (Jaqueline) clue who they were..the references tied it all together.

Soooo, Luther Kite is a scary , scary man...he is after Jack..who is 48 and pregnant by her 10 yr younger "boyfriend"...

Alright Ladies of a cooler age, high five each other...are you done??? BACK TO ME...

I can't explain how scary this book was...there were rooms.. kind of a monopoly game from hell if you will. Anyone who knows me knows I am a weenie..I can barely get through episode of WALKING DEAD.....However, the writing is so damn good and the book puts you right in there...which was not a good thing for me but whatever.

The next morning after no sleep, I read J.A. Konrath's intro (always go straight to the book) find out...hope your sitting...this is the LAST OF MY JACK DANIELS in the hell did I miss that?? HOW??!!! Dare I say, I teared up?? I blame exhaustion, however I was seriously bummed.

There was also a interview between the two authors at the the end. They discussed how they wrote for each OTHER'S characters...heck if I knew...everything flowed so perfectly.....

 To those who have not read any of these books, I advise ,"Whiskey Sour" to start....or you will be lost and emailing me all kinds of questions that I don't want to make time to answer...lalalalalala...

So, in my conclusion..Mr. Konrath- Thank you for writing such a fantastic series. They were funny , scary and I near 40 it was a breathe of fresh air to see a gal who has got it together (mostly) and it still a bad ass... I thank you for your books when I went through my 1st (better be only) major surgery of my existence...they took the stress and anxiety away from reality....

Also, get on your knee's and praise your wife for helping you...she had to..if not, then your the only straight man in the world who seriously knows how women work.

Mr. Crouch- I have downloaded the first in your "Luther" series...I am scared to read it...your writing is fantastic and frightening and slightly realistic....if I lose any sleep due to your terror I will fax you a list of my kid's practices.... you'll be taking them.

Have a good one folks!


  1. After your enthusiastic review it looks like I'm going to have to pack my Kindle with one more! Love Konrath and his mentoring of indie authors. He's turning into our indie Obiwan.

  2. I LOVED the Jack Daniels series and I just finished Stirred this weekend. Needless to say, those two authors have outdone themselves! I read the Luther Kite series by Crouch and all of the Jack Daniels books. I, too, am very sad that it was the last book. Please write more!

  3. Looks like I found another series I have to read!!!

  4. I've been a Konrath fan since Bloody Mary. It's sad that the Jack Daniels series has come to an end. This is on my TBR list and if I enjoy it as much as the others, I may consider looking at Crouch's other novels. Great review.