Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brillian Prey By Brenda Wallace - A Guest Review

Hello everyon, today we have the wonderful Coral from Alchemy of Scrawl, I love when she stops by and gives us a review. So sit back, enjoy, and then add another book to your TBR pile :)

Europe in Dan Brown's books for a good puzzle mystery when you can read Brilliant Prey set in the heartland of the US. Now I'm a huge fan of Dan Brown's stories and not just the DaVinci Code, so I was intrigued with this story from the get-go. It had that nice fast-pace, ohhhh can I figure out how the puzzle pieces fit quality to it, plus the characters are great. The second part of the story takes a more 'big picture' kind of dilemma, but again, I love that kind of stuff. Add this author to the list of up and coming.

Sound like something you would want to read? I know I do, share your thoughts with us!


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  2. Thank you, Miranda, for posting this fun review of Brilliant Prey! I'm also hosting a Kindle Giveaway Contest on my August blog to celebrate the launch at (I removed my first comment due to broken link.)