Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guest post and Giveaway with Inez Kelley

Author: Inez Kelley
Publisher: Carina Press
Pub. Date: August 2011
Word Count: 85, 000
Format: Digital
Sexual innuendos and tensions sizzle as Dr. Hot and the Honeypot, co-hosts of the raciest night-time talk show in three states, heat up the small station radio waves on ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’. Best friends Dr. Bastian Talbot and self-proclaimed sex-goddess Charlie Pierce share mattress-scorching banter in public but their personal lives are PG-friendly.
But Dr. Hot has a secret. He wants to be more than her medicine-man sidekick. He wants forever. Charlie doesn’t do forever. Sex is easy, love is temporary. She will be his lover, but never his wife. Undaunted, Bastian sets a plan in motion ON AIR to win her hand and puts a proverbial lock on his zipper: No sex without marriage. Charlie turns the tables and turns up the heat in an on-air wager.
Listeners in three states tune in to learn who will win in the Race to Wed or Bed.

I’m old school. I fed my reading addiction on the bodice rippers when they were really bodice rippers, when the women were many times Too Stupid To Live and the men complete asses we were told to love. And I did, I loved them all. I lived in the boonies and a library day was a once a year occurrence. The school library introduced me to classics and award winners but they had a limit of two books per week. I read that many in a day.
I consumed words like air and sucked down book after book, grocery bags full, purchased at yard sales and flea markets for a nickel to a quarter a piece. Tucked in those bags were more than romances, however. There were Dean Koontz and Stephen King, Star Trek and murder mysteries, police drama and epic fantasies, Hollywood tell-alls and historical biographies.
The first super thick book(to my early teen mind) I read was a fantasy I remember in vivid detail. It was my first exposure to a world outside my own that hadn’t been created on a television screen. I still own it. It is out of print and the few reviews I can find on it are less than wonderful but I don’t care. *I* loved it. It expanded my mind outside my narrow box.
I shudder to think of my 13-year old daughter reading some of the things I did. I read Scruples before I had my first kiss and Wifey before my first pimple. But my parents were just glad I was out of their hair. For my thirteenth birthday, my mother bought me four Harlequin categories and lip-gloss. Subliminal message maybe? Hmm
Whatever it meant, it sealed my fate. Those bags and bags of books never lasted long enough. I started crafting my own tales. There is no doubt they were –as I was myself— shaped by what I had read. I had a small problem differentiating between the genres, however. My romances often had horror elements or my historical look at an event was tinged with a love story or my mystery had a hunky detective who kept thinking about kissing the main suspect. 
See the pattern there? Romance, in every single one.
Maybe I didn’t have a problem after all. Romance was my love and I can’t seem to write anything without it. So what if it had other elements tucked in the pages? I still read a wide variety of genres and get a small smile when a subplot or thread of romance weaves its way into the story. Romance lives.  Everywhere. It refuses to be boxed out or shut it. So do I. My stories will always have romance front and center but that doesn’t preclude me from adding in a touch of history, a dash of horror, an element of fantasy.
My newest release is all about wordplay as foreplay. TURN IT UP explores the lighter side of sex and the deeper meaning of forever. It’s sassy, funny, poignant and real.

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  1. Morning, Inez!

    I too was a "reading beyond my age" early reader. My brothers introduced me Watership Down and 1984 when I was out with tonsillitis at aged 10 (probably not a wise move on early 80's era meds, but there we go....). Your mention of "Wifey" brought memories of "Princess Daisy" and "Mistral's Daughter" rushing back (ah, Judith Krantz....) If I found my 13 year old niece reading them now, I'm not sure I could remain the cool aunt without blushing, so I can't imagine how my own aunt kept her cool when she found my stash :-)

    Thanks for the great writing. I loved the characters and the poignancy with John's history in Sweet as Sin, and I know that Turn it Up will have the same level of connection.



  2. I'm dying to read this. Sweet as Sin has been one of my favorites this year.

    Great post!

    amyrhuber AT gmail DOT com

  3. hi Inez! i started reading books "unfit" for my age as early as 10. i remember it took me a month to read my first full length "adult" novel. i can't recall the title anymore but it paved the way to more mature literature. my parents were voracious readers as well and i didn't have to hide anything from them except some trashy ones when i was a freshman in high school. my Mom found one though but she never said anything. lol.
    your book sounds interesting! please count me in and thanks for being gracious. c",)