Monday, August 15, 2011

Guest Review of Life Support by Robert Whitlow


Alexia knows this new case is a matter of life and death. She doesn't have a clue what it will do to her heart and soul.
Baxter Richardson survived a fall from a cliff while hiking in the mountains. Whether he'll make it through the next few weeks is unclear. His survival depends on the machines that help him breathe. His haunted, unstable wife wants to pull the plug and hide her secrets. His doting father wants him alive for reasons of love and money. But conflicting legal documents send the fight to court.
Attorney Alexia Lindale must navigate the mixed motives and warring facts to determine-and fight for-what's right for Baxter.
A twisting tale of tough decisions and of a mysterious, healing grace.

The Review

I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars. I simply loved this book-read it in one day.
The author hooked us from the start. The story is about a lawyer, Alexia Lindale, who is defending a young woman who is guilty of killing her husband. However, Lindale does now have that knowledge, the audience however does. The book is a page turner. One keeps expecting the cat to be let out of the bag.  The book flowed well and the depth of the characters  made you imagine them in your head. The ending, made you want to throttle the author for at this point you were so caught up in this book – you were not ready for it to end.


I want to thank Sharon for stopping by and giving us a wonderful guest review. This book has made it to our personal TBR pile for sure!  How about you?

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