Monday, May 2, 2011

Best Seller For a Day Book Club

Best Seller For A Day Book Club
Hosted by YourNeedToRead

Yes that is right, I am starting a book club. Now if you aren’t sure what Best Seller For a Day is, then you need to check out this site This is a program created by the Indie Book Collective to help Indie Authors get their books out there and climb the Amazon charts. This is a great program for both Authors and readers. Each book has a one day selling spree, prices are set at .99 cents and all the supporters really come alive for these promotions. I mean hey who doesn’t love a .99 book?? I do.  So I decided to jump on the band wagon of support and create a monthly book club focusing on those books that are on the BSFAD. The great thing is, you get to choose between two books, the main book and the draft book, some months there may even be three. Here are the details.

If you are interested in joining the book club, please fill out the form below. And I will email you all the details.  Just a quick overview: You will not be required to read the books each month if you do not wish. I will have a sign up for each book and once we read 5 participants then the sign ups will be closed. An e-copy will be provided to you for review along with a discussion questionnaire. You will pick a minimum of 3 questions to discuss about the book and then asked to post your discussion on the day scheduled for BSFAD. A snippet from your review/discussion will be highlighted on YNTR on the day of BSFAD You will be listed on YNTR and BSFAD as a supporter of the program.

Sound like fun? It is going to be a blast! So fill out the form below and let’s get started!!