Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Heart Mate by Robin D. Owens

I know it's been a while since I have reviewed anything. With life getting crazier with the spring and summer my reading time has been broken up. But last night I finished a new book. I picked this up just by the description and was fairly happy with it.

Today you will meet your HeartMate. Rand T'Ash's blood thrummed in his temples as he stared at the divination dice that he'd just rolled. The polished blue-green stones gleamed in the light. The symbols incised on them showed deep red veins, looking like blood. He didn't quite believe the glyphs carved in the twelve-sided pieces of bloodstone and the prophecy they foretold. He'd throw again, to be sure.
The deep emanation of his Flair-his psi power-pulsed through his blood. A few years back he'd created the dice, first choosing the bloodstones, then chiseling and shaping them. He let the swell of his emotions flow through and from him. A tingle of premonition shivered up his spine. He focused his will and mage power. With a flick of his wrist, he threw the dice again. They rolled, spun, stopped. Today you will meet your HeartMate.

Now this book has a good story to it, but it took a bit for me to get into it. This is one I was able to pick up and put down a few times. The basis is a race of people left their home planet looking for a new planet to inhabit and continue their line.  Celta was created and now you have a tale of a man (T"Ash) finding his "heart mate"(Danith) and learning how to woo her and win her so that he can continue his family line of which he is the last of. He grew up on the wrong side of town after fleeing a fire that raged through his home and consumed his family. Now he is back and building up what was destroyed, though he has really no noble manners or very good people skills. Then he comes upon his Heart Mate, but she is not acting as he expected. She denies and pushes him away, she is a commoner, not of noble birth, no "flair" (their supernatural talents) and his aggressiveness scares her.

You are taken on a ride with these two characters through their trials and blunders finding each other and finally giving in to what it means to be Heart Mates. And all the while T'Ash has a Familiar that has his own personality that really makes the book fun. You find yourself chuckling at his comments and bargaining abilities.

It was a good story,the only issue I had was some of the names and words took a bit to figure out how to pronounce and get used to reading. Some of the abbreviations and wording took a bit to get used to and make my brain accept. Lol, once you get past that, the book is a keeper. This is a great book I would suggest for a summer read. Strong main characters that you want to shake and say just give in.

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Now off to decide what will be my next read!

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