Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Enjoyment

Hello everyone! I know it's a bit late for a Mother's Day post, but it hasn't hit midnight here yet so I think I am still ok. I just wanted to share what I got to do on my Mother's Day. This year I asked for another set of flour sack towels for the kitchen and a day that I could spend planting and playing in the dirt. Well I am glad to say I got both!

Now I will share I have not always been a gardening lover, flowers, veggies, herbs or any of it. I just thought it was too much work, but the last couple of years that has changed. Maybe it's the Lemon Balm and Lavender that seem to get bigger and more fragrant each year that are telling me, hey it's fun, keep it up. I attempted a small raised veggie garden last year, it wasn't a resounding success, but enough of one to get me excited to expand it to a larger in ground one this year.

So today I played in the dirt, I planted flowers, created a few containers for the deck, re-potted a few things, actually re-potted and separated an aloe plant and just enjoyed being outside. Have a look see at some of the things that I got done:

Yup, pretty proud of myself with these. The first is a plant I have had for 10 years. I took it home after my grandfather's funeral. You know people send flowers and plants, well this is the one I took. I have kept it alive for over 10 yrs now and it is named gpa, It may seem weird, but I talk to it from time to time and give it updates so grandpa can stay connected with us. The other two are container flowers I put together for the corners of the deck, my first time attempting it so I hope that they live and blossom out well. #crossingmyfingers

I also worked in the yard, put down some flower bed border, re potted my silver dollar eucalyptus plant and like I said my aloe plant. Lots done and still a long to do list. I loved every minute of it and wish the day had been a bit longer. I had planned to get another herb garden done and planted, but that will have to wait till next weekend. Plus I didn't get the reading done I had planned, but I can catch up later this week when it rains :) Those are always perfect reading days.

What did you do on this Mother's Day? #sharewithus I would love to know!

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