Monday, May 23, 2011

A Peak into what Scott Nicholson Needs To Read

Today we welcome the wonderful Scott Nicholson to the blog. I am so happy to have him join us and share with us what his current Need To Read is. So I will let Scott take it away :)

My recent read is Bentley Little’s The Disappearance. I’ve probably read more of Bentley’s books than anyone besides King and Koontz. He was one of the very few publishing as a “horror writer” when I was trying to break in as a writer in the 1990s. I enjoyed his well-written, straightforward storytelling that usually resulted in something bizarre and threatening bubbling away beneath the surface of everyday lives.
When I had my first story collection scheduled to come out, I wrote him a note asking him for a cover blurb—I can’t remember how I got his address, since he’s fairly reclusive. He wrote me back and said he would blurb since, like him, I “had a beard and worked as a journalist.”
We correspond fairly regularly and exchange books, so I get signed copies of all his new releases. That makes me an unreliable reviewer, since I would clearly show favoritism, but I still find his storytelling strangely affecting, especially because he grounds his suspense in real lives.
The Disappearance is much more a suspense and mystery thriller instead of supernatural, though it definitely has lots of creepy overtones. When Gary, his girlfriend Joan, and some friends go to the desert for a festival, Joan mysteriously disappears, triggering Gary’s search for clues to a group known only as the Outsiders. And a conspiracy unfolds the deeper he goes, and as he moves closer to the truth, his own life and beliefs are at risk. I am barreling toward the ending as I write this, and it’s shaping up like classic Bentley Little—the order challenged, and regular people struggling to restore order.
Bentley. He doesn’t waste your time.

---- Scott Nicholson is author of the new mystery thriller Liquid Fear—available for 99 cents at Amazon,, and Smashwords—as well as The Skull Ring, The Red Church, Disintegration, Speed Dating with the Dead, and 20 other books. He resides at

Thank you for stopping by Scott and everyone stay tuned for our next guest poster next Monday.

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